My Project proposal at University

When i was at school, i had to Develop a system which will help in solving existing problem in the society, this came in my ming…

As it has been indicated, there exists a number of factors that are tightly tied to, and increasingly need of health services. The most important of these is however (due to) the rapid population growth, from which many other contributing factors such as rapid urbanization are arisen. Hospitals receive un-handled number of patients at a time,seems the existing manual registration and record keeping system can not handle this effeciently, patient must have a card given from the hospital which help to locate his/her file in huge shelves, simply retrieval of patient information is very difficult.

To find the details of particular patient information is very inconvenient and time talking process. Storing patient information with all the symptoms and prescribed medicines is difficult and occur duplication or data loss. Patient information is maintained in records which takes lot of time for doctor to analyze.

It seems most of the  medicines prescribed to the patients are out of stock in hopitals due to severall reasons including paper based pharmacy management

On the resulting problems side stands the need of eHMS, the System which will maintains the critical information electronically.

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