Things yo need to know Before Starting a Blog

Every day thousands of people on Earth are opening new blog. Maybe you would like to start your blog. Challenges in blogging, are how to get many readers, and how to improve your blog day by day. So this article gives you previous information for blogging activity.

The blogging technology, which according to Wikipedia, began to be used in 1993, brought a number of 156 million blogs around the world for records in 2011, February 26. Undoubtedly the number of blogs is currently over 300 million. No reports of the number of Tanzanian blogs, though for estimates, can reach more than 50 thousand, this is because it is very easy to recruit blogs than to drive them. If we are watching the number of living blogs, you may encounter very little.

The works of blogs
Despite that many make a blog as a commercial matter, there are many other uses than having a blog for income-entering. Blog can be used to write personal information, others write blog


Your goals for a blog are the instructions on how to run a relevant blog. For example if you have goals to come to sell ads, you should really try to get your blog to get more readers who come back to frequently visit your blog. This is because no one or organization would want to advertise on a blog that has no readers – since their ads will not be visible to most people. Your goals are the ones that determine the type of readers you should target, and thus the type of information to put them to your blog.

Maybe having a blog is just a way to reach a bigger goal, for example your goal may be to build a network with more people, so having a blog that is widely known, and being able to communicate with your readers individually, is part also of blog success

Blog Enrollment: There are several companies that offer free airline blogs. You can have a blog through Blogger and via WordPress. There are also Tumblr, Typepad, and Posterous. All you have to do is sign up for the company. For example having a blogger blog, you first have a Gmail account, then you go to this blogger home address, and follow the instructions on how to organize your blog. Where you will be able to choose a blog name, blog address eg, and then you will choose the appearance of your blog – we call it a template. After selecting those things, you will already be able to become a blog owner.

Blog running:

The biggest task is not having a blog, but running a blog, as there are so many things to follow to have a sustainable blog. The main function of a blog is to advertise it to get readers of what you want to write. There are many reasons why people should visit your blog, but most importantly you can provide them with the information or information they need. Running your blog means writing great articles, informing people that your blog is in the air, and constantly reminding them that it’s on air.

You yourself in your own time can learn many basic things in running a blog from how to get more readers, write good articles, add beauty to a blog, change a template

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