Apache running on port 8080 instead on port 80?

Why is Apache running on port 8080 instead on port 80?

Ports below 1024 can only be opened only by root, therefore the cause or reason to why server is configured to listen on this port is the need to run under the root user account to be able to listen on TCP ports lower than 1024 including the port80.

Using an higher port number, meaning port number above 1024  (unprivileged port number) allows to run apache under a regular account without any specific configuration.

  1.  Open or Log on to your Apache server computer with an administrator account.
  2.  Click on Start menu and click on “My Computer” icon.
  3.  Navigate to the C:wampApache2conf directory on your server’s main hard drive or the drive where WAMP has been previously installed.
  4.  Find the file labeled “http.conf” and double-click on it to open it in the any text editor example Notepad++ or Windows Notepad.
  5.  Hold the “control” and “F” keys at the same time to launch the search utility.
  6.  Type “80” into the search field and hit “Find Next.” You will now be taken to the part of the   configuration file where the localhost port is set.
  7.  Change “80” to the port of your choice and then save the “http.conf” file to update your  server. 

You must restart your server for the new port to be recognized by the system.

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