The begining

Today i will just explain a little bit on programming specifically java programming, few years ago when i was in school i was curious about writting my own computer program, or mobile application just to see it in action, with my logo, my own texts etc.
I remember by that time there were no Android phones so the only mobile platform was Nikia so we were using Symbian, i used to play with JAR and JAD files doing reverse engineering just Using WINRAR (The winrar you use nowadays to compress/extract files). Just changing the graphics in the app replacing them with Photoshop :). One of the app i use to play with most of the time was mig33 (it was one of the largest social entertainment service that’s fast, fun and social.)
Today there are Millions of Mobile application for different platforms, written in different language, by that time i was completely not aware of java programming language, i started writing wap sites using xml and html. 
Coding was a bit complicated to me by that time so i decided to put little more effort on graphics while going easy with html and xml for my wapsite.
As days goes i was able to do little bigger things on internet,i created a forum and blog.
I started making money from the wap site by selling music, until the wap site hosting company announced to close the service.
Nowadays i have started to write computer programs, (Desktop,mobile and web applications) currently i have a project which i have tried to make Desktop Application and Mobile Application work together to serve targeted users. (I will post More about this project soon).
But basically the project is about Monitoring the progress of Diabetes Patients. Currently in my country there is no any recognized Mobile Application which is linked to health information system to enable health practitioners to interact with patients and respond to the patients according to their health progress.
What i can  say from this is: This is my First Application to develop. i’m looking forward to improve the design, opt for good database hosting so as i can move the project to real environment and serve the society.

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