Concept : SQL Server Security Encryption

  • By using encryption we can secure confidential data when transferring data between the networks.
  • The most important process is SQL Server security concepts is Encryption.
Encryption restricts hackers to access data by using following steps :
  1. Using symmetric keys.
  2. Using asymmetric keys. 
  3. Using certificate.
Perform symmetric keys Encryption:
This method uses the same key to decrypt and encrypt the data.
 Perform asymmetric keys Encryption:
Here are 2 keys in asymmetric encryption. The Public key encrypts the data when you sending to other network. And the private key decrypt the received data after it delivered.

 Perform certificates Encryption:
  1. Certificates generated by Certification authorities to provide high security.
  2. To encrypt the data, The SQL service will use these certificates.
  3. Certificate encryption is used to identify devices, users and organizations.

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